Yona Yona Shoten at イタチshelter

Yona Yona Shoten (夜な夜な書店) is back at イタチshelter. Run by photographer Yuko Shimada, Yona Yona Shoten is a pop-up nighttime indie bookstore. All of the books are independent titles that are sure to inspire creators and lovers of photography.

The first Yona Yona Shoten happened as a nighttime event last month at イタチshelter: indie books, complete with homemade curry and beer served by our friends, and a set of somewhat rare country music selected by yours truly. It may have been our most unexplainable event yet!

The latest edition of Yona Yona Shoten is on at イタチshelter, every night for two weeks. It started on April 27th and continues until May 10th. See you here☆


Itachibori Building, Itachibori 1-5-2, Nishi-ku, Osaka
大阪府大阪市西区立売堀1-5-2 立売堀ビルディング

Yona Yona Shoten at イタチshelter
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