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WordPress 4.0 RC 1 and Mari Flowers

Hey hey: WordPress 4.0 is coming out soon. I wasn’t able to play with the betas while traveling and working in August so I’m only now getting my hands on 4.0 as release candidate.

Before even getting into the 4.0 RC, the first thing I was impressed with was how well the beta plugin works. I expected installation to be a battle, but it was done with no fuss at all.

As our friends in Osaka already know, Ryoko and her sister Masami started a small flower arrangement business, Mari Flowers, about this time last year for special holidays. So far they’ve done Christmas and Mother’s Day. Thanks to our friends and well-wishers, they’ve sold beyond their original stock both times.

As they are starting to think about Christmas again, they want to branch out a little with a small website so people beyond our Facebook friends can order what they make. I’ll be making the site.

This seems like a good project for me to start getting familiar with WordPress 4.0. By the time we launch the site, WordPress 4.0 will be released, and it’s a soft start before testing out the Strips theme I’m developing for compatability issues.

On the Ash Ryan Beats web site, I like to do a lot of reinventing the wheel and tinkering with WordPress for the sake of learning and experimenting. Sometimes I am a barber with a bad haircut. That is ok as long as the person in the chair leaves looking great.

For the flower site, I intend to treat it as more of a normal project, going with what works, optimizing what needs to be optimized, and aiming for minimum viable product, then iterating from there as needed.

In terms of minimum viable product, one thing is already clear: version one of the flower site will not be a web shop. The first goals of the site are to:
– Make Ryoko and Masami’s work visible outside of Facebook
– Provide contact details
– Give the ladies a place to do some writing from time to time

Once these goals are achieved, we will watch during the Christmas season and take notes on where we need to go from there.

As I get started on the flower site, I’m interested to see what changes are happening in WordPress 4.0. In terms of the API, I’ve seen some things that look exciting as a budding theme developer. On the user side, I know the enhanced posting UI is going to be nice for Ryoko and Masami, as I imagine they will mostly be publishing from their phones.

It’s going to be fun. We’re prepping this site with the Christmas season in mind. But it feels like Christmas today for me.

WordPress 4.0 RC 1 and Mari Flowers
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