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Two years of Texas on FM802 Osaka

One of FM802 Osaka’s people came to イタチshelter yesterday to record our monthly talk about what’s going on Texas. I realized as I sat down to write this that it’s been two years since I started recording these little stories about Texas for FM802. (Thanks to Celio at SoHo Art Gallery for making the connection.)

The recordings are part of a show called Beat Expo on FM802, a popular radio station in Osaka. The station has a few Japanese-speaking foreigners in the area that circulate through the show, each telling stories about the places they’re from.

Well, I’m from Texas. So over the last couple of years we’ve talked about SXSW, Dr. Pepper, cowboy poetry competitions, and life-sized gingerbread houses. We’ve talked music (the editor for the recordings wants to talk Gorilla vs. Bear next time) and, with some strain, sports.

When we record these stories, either at FM802 or イタチshelter, we usually do two at a time, so I would venture a guess that we’ve done between 40 and 50 of them at this point.

This time around, we talked about an iPhone app that is currently number 1 on the most-read list of Texas Monthly in the article “You Can Text Your Friends Tacos Now, Ya’ll”.

While the app itself is probably getting way more attention than it deserves, it made for an interesting subject on Japanese radio for a few reasons, one of which is the simple fact that many Japanese aren’t aware that the word “emoji” (Japanese: 絵文字) is now commonly used in English. (“Emoji” appears seven times in Texas Monthly’s write-up of the app.)

Thanks to FM802 Osaka and its listeners for tuning in to stories about Texas for two years now.

Two years of Texas on FM802 Osaka
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