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I was about to restart my Processing studies, which I paused for dip into PHP. PHP is required for those who wish to make themes or plugins for WordPress, and I happen to be developing a WordPress theme right now. I’ll be learning more PHP as I build, but I feel confident enough in the basics that I think it’s ok to get back to working on something interactive.

Separately, just a couple of weeks ago I wrote asking about local automation options for Mac. I wanted to keep automation scripting simple with minimal learning, and the reason for that was that I wanted to get back to Processing.

Honestly, AppleScript was the local automation option I wanted to go with due to its simplicity. But I noted it was rather long in the tooth and therefore not likely future-proof enough to be worth learning in 2014. No one I talked to said that this line of logic was flawed. Secretly I was hoping someone would tell me that AppleScript was ok and worth the time it takes to learn it. That never happened.

Last night (well, 2am Japan time), Apple announced a new programming language called Swift. I don’t know the details, but so far it looks interesting enough that I think I’m going to kill two birds with one stone. I’m also going to put all of my eggs in one basket. And I’m going to live in a glass house and throw stones. (Oops, that last one isn’t applicable here.)I’m going to look into using Swift for basic automation and the interactive experiments I wanted to do with Processing. Since my first goal was to get my Processing sketches (as they are called) to run on iOS, why not cut out the middle man.

That having been said, I really don’t know what Swift does yet, other than the initial burst of info from Apple.

We’ll see how this goes. If you are in Kansai and want to learn together, let’s give it a shot! Do get in touch.

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