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Strips 0.6 for WordPress

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a significant update for Strips, which is the WordPress theme this site runs on and which I am developing as I go.

After starting with local development using MAMP and getting comfortable with Git, I’ve been able quietly push out a few updates to the theme without it being a major ordeal.

MAMP and Git for WordPress development are just amazing. I can’t believe I waited so long to integrate these tools into my workflow.

What’s new in Strips 0.6

The site is now full width

A Bootstrap container, by default, doesn’t take up the full width of a browser. This becomes apparent if you have a page element that you want to go all the way from left to right.

In Strips, that element is the background color of the footer. From the very first version of Strips, the background color would leave gutters of white on the left and right sides of the screen.

As of Strips 0.6, that is no longer a problem.

In terms of code, I suspect my solution is not optimal at this stage, but it displays exactly as I intended, so I’m happier with what I have now than what came before it.

I will write a post on the particulars of my solution soon.

Footer stays at the bottom of the page

On pages with little content (like the archives page), the footer would rise up and leave white space below it.

Now it doesn’t.

I will also soon write some about how I achieved this.

Post excerpts are formatted

I already wrote about this one.

For a long time, I really didn’t think I needed formatted excerpts, but after a few days with them, I’m convinced they are much better for the Strips theme than the default pile of plain text served up by the_excerpt() in WordPress.

Bootstrap CDN

This is a fairly minor change, but I’ve decided to use Bootstrap CDN for Strips. This is mostly to enhance load time for users who have already visited another site using Bootstrap.

Strips 0.6 for WordPress
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