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Strips 0.53

Another minor update to Strips, the WordPress theme I’m developing and that this site is using.

Archive view: streamlined and clarified

To make it clear when you are viewing an archive for a certain category, the content of the archive is displayed in a gray “well”.

I’ve removed some navigation links from the top of all archives since they were displayed right under the site’s main navigation anyways. This looks a lot simpler and nicer.

[![Archives page](https://blog.ashryan.io/content/images/2014/06/Strips-WordPress-theme-0.53-screenshot.png)](https://blog.ashryan.io/content/images/2014/06/Strips-WordPress-theme-0.53-screenshot.png)Archives page
## The footer displays properly in portrait view on iPad

The two parts of the footer were stacking on one another in portrait view on iPad, even though there was plenty of room for them to sit side-by-side.

I had tried to fix this before but couldn’t quite figure it out. After my Bootstrap study this week, I finally understood what to do to make this work properly.

Strips 0.53
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