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Strips 0.52

Another small update to Strips, the WordPress theme I’m currently developing.

What’s new in Strips 0.52

A few things changed under the hood, but I’ll just note the two main changes that you can see.

The sidebar widget area is now enabled. Just to show that it actually works, I’ve added a popular posts area that automatically shows off a small grid of recent posts that are most read.

This automatic list of popular posts is created by the Jetpack plugin by Automattic. There are other things I’d like to use the sidebar for, but I think this is a good start to demonstrate that the sidebar works. The fact that it is image-centric makes it a good pick for Strips.

The sidebar shows to the right on larger screens. On smaller screens, it drops down to below the main content of the page you’re looking at. (If you are reading this post on something like an iPhone, that means the sidebar will be below this writing.)

Archives is in the primary navigation

From Strips 0.5, you could access the archives from a drop-down menu in the navigation. This didn’t quite work right on touch devices, and the more I used it, the more it bugged me.

So at this point, Archives gets its own button in the navigation area.

Styling WordPress navigation for added functionality is a current weak point of mine. If you are reading this and know a thing or two about the subject and would be willing to share any wisdom, I would love to hear it.

Strips 0.52
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