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Strips 0.4

This site is now updated to Strips 0.4. Strips is the WordPress theme I am currently burning time on creating.

This update was primarily focused on getting the footer in better shape.

The footer

The footer now has an optional second widget area. I am currently using it to entice you to sign up for my mailing list, because all of the marketing geniuses say I should do that. Be warned that you may be ignored completely on this mailing list; if you love rejection, this is the mailing list for you.

Back to the footer: it is a smart footer. If the second widget area isn’t active, the first widget area will take up the entire available screen space. Conversely, if the second footer area is active, the first footer area will know it and automatically shrink to 50% of the footer area.

I don’t know about you but I like my footers smart and shrinking.

Ditching the final separator

On the blog and archive pages, you can see excerpts from various posts. After each is a separator in the form of a horizontal line.

Until now, Strips put a separator after each excerpt. But really, a separator is not needed between the final excerpt and the footer; a smart theme wouldn’t put one there.

This theme doesn’t anymore.

I may write about how this works later.

Larger clickable area for categories

This is effectively a small change, but it is the kind of detail that Strips should pay attention to.

In Strips, the date and categories are in their own boxes, or “pills”, after each post. Before, the words in those boxes were clickable. Now, the whole box is clickable.

For the date, this wasn’t hard to achieve, but for the categories in WordPress, this took some reading and experimenting.

I may write about how this works later as well.

The site title fits on one line on the iPhone

What the line above says.

I will qualify that bold statement by pointing out that this is not being achieved smartly. I simply made the font smaller for the site title to accommodate the words “Ash Ryan Beats” in one line on the iPhone.

For posterity, here are some screenshots of what the site looks like today:

![On a laptop](https://blog.ashryan.io/content/images/2014/03/On-a-laptop-Ash-Ryan-Beats-300x229.png)On a laptop
![On an iPhone](https://blog.ashryan.io/content/images/2014/03/On-an-iPhone-Ash-Ryan-Beats-200x300.png)On an iPhone
Strips 0.4
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