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Script Editor on Mac now lets you use JavaScript for automation

Back in May I was wondering about current options for writing scripts to automate repetitive tasks on the Mac.

As much as I didn’t want to get into learning AppleScript, no other desirable options presented themselves. I was just about to give in and start digging in to AppleScript this week.

But on Saturday morning, I was having a nice leisurely read in bed of John Siracusa’s excellent 25-page (as the Reader View flies) review of Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Way down at the end of the review, in the “Grab Bag” section, was a potential solution for my automation woes: JavaScript automation.

It seems that in Yosemite the AppleScript Editor app is once again known simply as Script Editor, and JavaScript can now be used for automation. Since I’ve been spending time learning JavaScript, this is good news, and I’m sure it must be quite welcome for anyone who would like to apply their knowledge of JavaScript to local automation.

I haven’t been able to dig in to JavaScript automation in Yosemite yet, but I will share some documentation that I’ve found so far:

Hopefully this is as great as it looks. I’m excited.