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Scratch Aperture off the list

Well, it seems my instinct to avoid Aperture was correct.

I would have rather been wrong about this though. I still don’t have a good solution for handling photos. Photos are actually what is slowing me down from posting to this site more than I do right now.

So what now? It’s a strange period in limbo for photo enthusiasts who are looking to graduate from iPhoto, and want a library with a non-destructive editor in one piece of software.

I can only think of two other available options at the moment: Lightroom and Picasa. I still want to avoid Adobe’s cloud subscription model. And Picasa on Mac isn’t a Mac-like app. I also worry about feeding all of my photos (and facial recognition data) to Google.

Camerabag for Mac is still fun to use, but working outside of my photo library for edits is an exercise in file management that feels unnecessary.

Apple announced a new photo library and editor recently, but I think they said it won’t be available until January.

For now I guess I’m still going to be bouncing files back and forth between iPhoto and Camerabag.

Scratch Aperture off the list
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