"A pyrotechnic art that entertained nations"

In our Fullstack workshop today we made a Functional Query Language (amusingly pronounced fee-qual) in JavaScript. The idea is that we’ll have a better understanding of how the databases we will be using work after having built our own experimental language to interface with them.

Between that and troubleshooting a Node.js issue, I am done with coding for the day.

Tonight I am about to read 1601 by Mark Twain. I’ve only read the introduction by Franklin J. Meine so far, but that alone has been worth the price of admission:

With Clemens it may truly be said that profanity was an art—a pyrotechnic art that entertained nations.

I’ve only got a vague idea of what I’m about to get into with this read, but I suspect it is not going to be the Twain of Tom Sawyer.

"A pyrotechnic art that entertained nations"
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