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Prepping for Creative Pro Week 2017

I'm sitting here in NYC this morning getting started on a talk I'll be delivering next week on behalf of the Adobe Creative Cloud Partner Ecosystem at Creative Pro Week in Atlanta.

I've come to enjoy these blank page/blank wall moments when prepping talks. I know the message I'm going to deliver, so the next step is to put the elements of what we've been doing on the table (or the page, the wall... somewhere concrete), then examine each for how it might or might not fit into the message within the stage time I have.

I'll avoid going into specifics here, but the general notion is to articulate the vision we're executing against, what we've been working on to pursue that vision over the last 6 months, and where we go from here.

My piece of that story spans 3 countries on 3 continents, giving talks, and, most importantly I believe, having conversations with individual developers in each of those locations. For the talk, that's my way in; that's the start.

But the focus throughout needs to be:

  • Showing: What is the vision? What are we doing for you today and in our plans for the future?
  • Asking: How can we do it better?
Prepping for Creative Pro Week 2017
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