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Pondering link posts in WordPress

When I write on this site each post is accompanied with a photo. This is fine; it certainly requires more effort but it seems to work for me.

However, there are times when I’d simply like to share a link to something I recommend elsewhere on the web. In these cases, I don’t want to write at length about what I’m sharing, and accordingly I don’t want to create an image just for a shared link.

So I’m pondering how to handle link posts in the WordPress theme I’m developing.

Write link posts as normal posts (i.e., change nothing)

This isn’t the answer for me. It would break the look of the photo blog to have posts mixed in with no image.

Have link posts show up in the main post area with their own style

This is possible. But it would still be visually disruptive unless I come up with a way to have something as a featured image:

  • Lorem Pixel (definitely not)
  • a default image for link posts only
  • other?

I’m not convinced of this option either.

Have link posts show up somewhere outside of the main post area

This is what I’m leaning towards. Link posts could, for example, show up in the theme’s sidebar.

But how should I distinguish which is which to WordPress? A category for link posts? A custom post type?

I’m not really sure what my options are, so I’ve got some reading to do. If you’ve got ideas or experience in this sort of thing I’d love to hear from you.

Pondering link posts in WordPress
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