Pecha Kucha Night Kyoto vol. 15 is Friday

Just a friendly reminder that Pecha Kucha Night Kyoto vol 15 is happening tomorrow. We usually do them on Sundays, but this time it’s on a Friday so there will be bonus live music and DJs to follow the presentations.

Our speaker list this time includes:

  1. Yoshinobu Tabe – 組漢字(くみかんじ)による、文字の視覚化 / Visualization of character by “KUMIKANNJI”
  2. Kiki Bottles – What is Chaji?
  3. Nana Okui – 靖国神社が教えてくれたこと / What Yasukuni Shrine taught me
  4. DAAS – Contemporary Artist
  5. Ryo Katayama – Performance 「TWO」Saginomori Lab
  6. Nike Dattani – DNA fractal structures
  7. Kosuke Hayama – ウイスキー About Whiskey
  8. Alexandre Maubert – Trinity, Gallery 9.5 – Seian Arts Attention
  9. Toshihiko Takeda – Gone Fishing

It’s going to be a good one. Hope to see you there.

Details for Pecha Kucha Night Kyoto vol. 15

Date: Friday, September 19, 2014
Time: 7:30pm – 10:30pm, DJs and live music after
Place: Urban Guild
Entrance: ¥1500

All the details are on the Pecha Kucha Night Kyoto page.

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Pecha Kucha Night Kyoto vol. 15 is Friday
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