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"Or is the known universe 0.0000000000000000000042% full?"

This was a featured image on Wikipedia recently and I found myself quite fascinated by it. When the image is zoomed to full size, it sure makes the moon feel further away than it seems up in the hazy city sky; above all the PM 2.5; above all the chickens coming home to roost in our twiggy lungs.

Scrolling from the Earth towards the Moon you might even start to feel a little desperate to get somewhere, anywhere. The moon is still over there right? There’s got to be an end to all of this… nothing.

And then, there it is: the friggin’ moon in all it’s familiar, slack-jawed mooniness. It’s small, but that’s ok. You want to give it a hug and just exhale the tension of empty space travel out of your shoulders.

If getting to the moon caused you much anxiety, you might want to think twice about going to Mars: it is further than you think. However, if you long to ramble the open blackness of the solar system and you don’t have a rocket, you may find this to-scale rendering of the Sun and the planets to be just what you’re looking for.

Just beware of random philosophical musings on the human condition that lurk in the aether between our neighboring celestial orbs.

"Or is the known universe 0.0000000000000000000042% full?"
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