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nth-child Theme for WordPress

It was a holiday weekend in the USA, in celebration of Presidents Day. So I did what every good American does: I wrote a WordPress theme from scratch.

You are looking at it now. Tah-dah!

And I’m writing this post on my phone as I wait for a celebratory bowl of Brooklyn ramen in snowy New York…

This theme, nth-child, is a complete re-write of my previous theme, Strips.

Strips was the first WordPress theme I ever wrote. I added Strips to this site almost exactly two years ago. At first, it only had a home page (home.php) capable of showing very little. The fun part was dogfooding the theme as I went. For example, the site didn’t have a navbar until I learned how to write one into a theme.

As great a learning experience as developing my first theme was, I’ve known for a long time that it could be a lot better, both in terms of responsive layout and code organization. This new nth-child theme goes a long way to make the improvements that have been on my mind.

If you’re interested in having a look at the code, it’s on GitHub.

On my todo list for the near-future is making an acceptable readme. That ended up taking a back seat in this three-day theme-a-thon.

Anyhoo, long live nth-child! It’s time for some ramen.

nth-child Theme for WordPress
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