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Not 15 minutes later

Some good friends came from Osaka to hang out in Kagoshima, so we went together with local friends from AminoF to get a good view of Sakurajima from Shiroyama. As you can see in the picture above, Sakurajima was calm and it was a clear day.

We took some pictures, then headed down the mountain to Terukuni Shrine.

In the time it took us to go in and out of the shrine, this happened:

[![Sakurajima ash eruption from Terukuni Shrine](https://blog.ashryan.io/content/images/2014/05/Sakurajima-ash-eruption-from-Terukuni-Shrine-Ash-Ryan-Beats-web.jpg)](https://blog.ashryan.io/content/images/2014/05/Sakurajima-ash-eruption-from-Terukuni-Shrine-Ash-Ryan-Beats-web.jpg)Volcanic ash taking to the sky from Sakurajima. As seen from Terukuni Shrine.
Not 15 minutes later
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