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Mentoring Fullstack capstone projects

One of the things teaching fellows do at Fullstack is pair up with instructors to mentor capstone projects, which are the final projects students do before they graduate.

These capstone projects are what will be demoed to companies who come to Fullstack for Hiring Day, so it’s a chance for the students to team up, dig in deep, and challenge themselves technically.

The capstone phase for the current senior cohort is just beginning and I have two teams to help mentor. Part of the process for me as a fellow is to lead standups for the teams every morning.

My teams had our first standups today. Here is a small sample of the discussion with one team:

Me: Please tell me about what you’ve gotten started with over the last 24 hours.
Person 1: I’ve been working on cow behavior, making sure the cow notices new grass that has grown near where it is currently eating.
Person 2: Yeah, and we’ve been working on cow procreation.
Me: Interesting. How does that work?
Person 3: Well, for now, you type in cow.procreate() and a new cow drops from the sky.


Mentoring Fullstack capstone projects
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