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Meaniscule: a miniscule MEAN stack app generator

Meaniscule = minuscule + MEAN stack app generator

Meaniscule, a miniscule MEAN stack app generator, is now up on npm. You can read more about Meaniscule on npm, but I’ll note a few things here as well.


As noted in the readme, Meaniscule is meant to be installed globally:

npm install -g meaniscule
mkdir my-app && cd my-app

Meaniscule is currently version 0.2.1 (a nice even number for this announcement). The module is still in active development, so occasionally checking for updates before creating a new app is probably a good idea.


If you’d like to contribute through either a pull request or issue on GitHub, please do so! A few early issues were quickly rectified thanks to friends at Fullstack contributing on GitHub.

Major thanks to everyone who has taken the time to discuss things with me while building Meaniscule, and especially to Fullstack Academy instructor Joe Alves and teaching fellow Christian Cueto for submitting pull requests.

Meaniscule: a miniscule MEAN stack app generator
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