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Meaniscule 1.0 on npm

Today at Fullstack Beta Day, Colin Meret and I announced Meaniscule 1.0.

Meaniscule is a miniscule MEAN stack app generator that focuses on providing the bare minimum framework to get you up and running quickly in a MEAN stack environment, with an AngularJS front-end, an Express/NodeJS server, and a MongoDB database using the Mongoose ORM.

The newest release of Meaniscule graduates to 1.0 and includes improved client-side architecture, fractal server-side architecture, and a new nodb flag that you can use when generating your app.

Using the nodb flag

The nodb flag is for situations where you know in advance that you won’t be needing a database. Why bother creating it if you won’t use it, right?

The nodb flag provides the benefits of:
– an even smaller file tree
– no unnecessary local database creation and connection
– no database setup required on the server should you decide to deploy

Getting started with Meaniscule

You can get more details on how to use Meaniscule on GitHub.

Or you can just install it from npm and get going right away:

npm install -g meaniscule

If you use Meaniscule, feel free to get in touch and show me what you are making; I’d love to see it!

Meaniscule 1.0 on npm
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