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Manga artist Tamori Akagai working at イタチshelter this week

This is what I love about what イタチshelter is becoming. I opened the door today, switched on the lights, and saw that our tables were covered in art supplies and a painting in progress.

Then I heard footsteps coming from down the hall. A man walked in with coffee in hand and introduced himself: “Hi, I’m Tamori Akagai”.

So, working at our space this week is Tokyo manga artist Tamori Akagai (if you want to Google him, you might have more success with his name in Japanese: 田森赤貝).Akagai is painting a tea table (in Japanese: chabudai, 卓袱台) this week which will be on sale through イタチshelter when it’s complete. Pretty cool.

Here he is with his work in progress:

[![Tamori Akagai at イタチshelter](https://blog.ashryan.io/content/images/2014/07/image3.jpg)](https://blog.ashryan.io/content/images/2014/07/image3.jpg)Fun fact about this photo: including Akagai, visible in the photo are works by five different artists that we know who have left their work at イタチshelter. We are lucky people to be increasingly surrounded by the creative output of artists we know.
After getting acquainted, Akagai and I spent yesterday afternoon working on our own projects and listening to a vinyl of spaghetti western tunes, followed by random tracks from the Stones Throw blog. Fun.

If you are interested in having the finished table by Akagai, get in touch!

Thanks for coming to shelter, Akagai!

Manga artist Tamori Akagai working at イタチshelter this week
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