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M3 Accelerator demo day

For the last four weeks I’ve been going to NYU every morning to teach a group of high school juniors and seniors about the basics of web development.

They are learning about entrepreneurship in the M3 Accelerator by Learning Curve and will be using their new web development skills to build MVP pages for their products.

Wrapping up class yesterday it really hit me how far the students have come in just four weeks. We’ve covered:
– HTML basics
– CSS basics
– Bootstrap CSS and JavaScript
– jQuery basics
– the command line
– running a local server
– Git
– GitHub
– pair programming
– building a mailing list with 3rd-party services

We spent the first three weeks learning and the last week building the pages for their products.

And today is demo day! I’m stoked to see how their product demos come together.

I’ve been thoroughly impressed by these students’ ability to keep up with such a rapid page and push themselves to experiment with what we have been learning. It’s been a strong group.

I’m thankful to Fullstack Academy for connecting me with this program and to Learning Curve for having me.

M3 Accelerator demo day
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