Lion In My Dream Tree

Ahoy! This is a track I made from field recordings taken at Osaka’s Tennoji Zoo as part of Beat Picnic.

Ahoy! Let me tell you a story: there once was a device invented for the purpose of speaking to other humans across great distances. Humans could now “call” each other without resorting to yelling or walking.

However, no one was exactly sure how to get the conversation rolling after having their call connected. As the standard greeting for these calls, a human named Alexander Graham Bell proposed “Ahoy!” Another human named Thomas Alva Edison preferred “Hello.”

“Hello” won. And all the other humans who spoke the same language as Alex and Tom answered their calls with “Hello.”

Ahoy! I propose “Ahoy!” as a standard greeting for when you meet a lion in a tree while you are dreaming. If the lion is wearing a tuxedo jacket and top hat, you may wish to opt for the more formal “Lion in a tree, I presume?”

Lions in trees are generally docile creatures who prefer to sit and let the breeze gently brush through their cottony manes. They may not notice you at all. However, greeting such a lion with “Hello” will get you bitten.


Lion In My Dream Tree
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