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Lala Mary is live

As I have mentioned before, my wife Ryoko and her sister Masami have been making seasonal preserved and artificial flower arrangements for a little over a year now. As Christmas is coming up, they have some new wreaths for sale and they want to make them available to people outside of Facebook, where they have sold quite well each time.


So I made a site for them: http://lalamary.com.

It is still quite simple structurally, and mostly intended for local use in Kansai. But hopefully it shows off their work effectively.

This was also my first serious attempt at taking photos of flower arrangements and making them presentable on the web.

If you don’t care about websites and just want to see some beautiful holiday wreaths, go to Lala Mary and escape this post while you still can.

For nerds only

If you’re still reading, it’s your own fault.

The Lala Mary site is quite obviously built using Bootstrap and, perhaps less obviously (unless you read this blog often), using WordPress.

Oh, the agony and ecstasy.

Some things went very smoothly based on what I’ve learned while developing the Strips theme for Ash Ryan Beats.

Some things were like slopping through a sticky, muddy bog.

I have a whole list of questions, which is great timing since Coffee and Coding Conundrum is today.

  • How can I get a full-width background color for the footer in Bootstrap without cutting off the edges of my screen with a chainsaw? (I mean, for some reason, we do have two chainsaws here at イタチshelter, but I simply don’t have the time to cut everybody’s screen.)
  • How can I get pagination for a single category of custom post types?
  • What’s the best way to add a JavaScript script to WordPress (without a plugin)?

I think these questions would require further explanation to be answerable, but I am just putting them down simply for now. Maybe I’ll have time to write out the issues with more clarity later.

I hope to also write down some lessons learned that may be useful to others writing themes.

That’s enough nerdery. Now you should go look at pictures of pretty flowers.

Lala Mary is live
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