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Incline Gallery San Francisco

I got to catch up with a surprising number of friends in San Francisco and Oakland over the course of 36 hours this weekend. I’m still mentally unpacking all of what happened.

One thing I’m unpacking from my brain was some hang out time with friend and photographer Celeste Lindahl. I’ve spent a reasonable amount of time in the Mission District of SF, but my knowledge of what’s there is still elementary at best. Luckily Celeste knows a great deal.

One of the places we went to was Incline Gallery. Located in a former mortuary, the exhibition space of this art gallery is an indoor inclined ramp that was used to wheel the dead up to the second floor for embalming.

From the description on their website:

Incline Gallery is an alternative art space that fosters relationships between community and artists. We create opportunities for emerging as well as established artists to exhibit in a non-cube format that challenges and encourages experimentation in exhibition design.

Non-cube format indeed. This is an intriguing space. I would recommend a visit if you’re in the Mission.

Incline Gallery San Francisco
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