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Harimochi onsen

I finally have connectivity again. Today mostly revolved around hot baths, hot shochu, and cold sashimi, not necessarily all at the same time.

Oh how I have missed natural hot springs. This is the best way to reset the mind and body.

We went to Harimochi onsen between Okuchi and Miyanojo far away from many things, including wireless connectivity. Long ago I frequented this onsen so it was something of a nostalgic time for me.

They have a rotemburo (an outside bath) that is just lovely. It has the standard large stones surrounding the bath with a small garden: bamboo, Japanese maples, hibiscus flowers, and so on. While I was in the bath a few butterflies occasionally came in for landings on the rocks and shrubs nearby. Perfection.

I could have stayed in that bath most of the day, but it was hot, so an hour with a few breaks was sufficient.

Harimochi onsen
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