"Golden Gal" / World of Tomorrow

Here are a couple of animated shorts that came on to my radar this morning.

The first is an animated music video for Animal Collective’s track “Golden Gal”. The video was directed by Australian artist Celeste Potter.

You can watch “Golden Gal” on YouTube.

!["Golden Gal" by Animal Collective](https://blog.ashryan.io/content/images/2016/02/image-2.jpeg)“Golden Gal”
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The second is a short film called World of Tomorrow. Says director Don Hertzfeldt:

i learned very quickly that you cannot direct a four year old. you cannot even expect a four year old to recite lines back at you. you just sort of have to let the four year old happen. so i recorded her as we drew pictures and talked about the world. we live very far apart, i only see her about once a year, so we only had time for a few sessions. and with these recordings – her candid thoughts, reactions, and questions – i was able to create the character you are about to meet..

You can watch World of Tomorrow on Vimeo for a fee, or with your Netflix subscription for free.

"Golden Gal" / World of Tomorrow
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