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Getting started with MAMP

I’ve known for ages that I should be using MAMP for local WordPress development but the setup always struck me as a bit convoluted. Instead, for the last year or so I’ve connected Coda 2 directly to my server and worked in a development subdomain before pushing any code to the live site. This isn’t optimal but it honestly didn’t feel limiting, except for maybe the rare occasion that I was without an internet connection.

Then I started using Git in the middle of 2014. I noticed quickly that working directly on a server would mean that my Git repo for the site would have to live on the server as well. I’m sure that’s by no means an impossible scenario, but I would have to spend some time figuring it out.

Well, if I’m going to have to spend time figuring out how to continue doing something incorrectly, why not instead just spend that time learning how to do things the right way?

As a bonus, it turns out that setting up MAMP isn’t as convoluted as I had thought. Smashing Magazine has a nice step-by-step explanation of how to get started (the article was written in 2011 but steps still work today).

Getting started with MAMP
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