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Founders Friday NYC photos: series intro

A couple of months ago I got back into the habit of carrying my camera with me when I’m out.

One result of that is that I’m shooting and editing more pictures for Founders Friday NYC (find us on Meetup.com). I’m now 8 weeks in to capturing photos of our weekly meetup, now in its third year, featuring founders from the NYC startup world.

The other day, a fellow photography enthusiast asked me how it’s possible to shoot the same event week after week and stay interested as a photographer. In fact, the potential for tedium hadn’t occurred to me until he mentioned it (thanks?).

It’s only been 8 weeks so who knows if I’ll change my mind weeks or months from now, but I’ve been thinking about why I’ve found shooting our weekly meetup to be interesting as a photographic exercise. I've jotted down enough notes that I'm going to split them up into a handful of posts and publish here.

Maybe some of this will be helpful if you find yourself shooting the same scenario over and over again, and are looking for a new aspect to dive into.

Follow along on the Founders Friday photo series tag.

Founders Friday NYC photos: series intro
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