CSS Animation: An Interactive Guide

I recently backed a project on Kickstarter for an iBooks guide covering CSS animation by Vicki Murley.

As a bonus I got a copy of her CSS Transforms book, which I am working through right now on my iPad. I have an E Ink Kindle so I rarely use iBooks for anything. But this book is quite a convincing case of how using iBooks can be a meaningful experience beyond just reading words on a screen. Particularly helpful so far have been the animated illustrations of how order affects the results of transform combinations.

I also got a shirt for the CSS Animation book. Vicki kindly sent it all the way to Japan with a hand-written note. Very cool.

By design, this site doesn’t currently use any fancy transforms or animation, but I think it’s good to know what the possibilities are. At the moment, the only CSS transform being used is in the navigation menu (added in Strips 0.5), which gives a subtle but smoother switch than the abrupt on/off that would happen without the transform.

CSS Animation: An Interactive Guide
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