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Contemporary art galleries in Osaka

Jessica Dawdy writing for The Culture Trip has a list of contemporary art galleries in Osaka.

SoHo Art Gallery, which is run by my friends Celio and Goldie, is on the list along with a few others I’ve been to, including Tezukayama Art Gallery, which is down the street from イタチshelter.

The great thing about these smaller art galleries in Osaka is that you can get a sense of the living and breathing art of the region, something large museums do not always provide. If you are visiting Osaka and love art, the article on The Culture Trip has a good list of galleries to get you started.

But what might surprise you is that this is only a small sampling of Osaka’s art galleries. The most unexpected one I’ve come across so far was just next door to my old apartment in Kyobashi: Gallery B Zero, a photo gallery located inside of a takoyaki shop. If you are looking for a place to enjoy regional food and see a photo exhibition, amazingly there is a spot for that. I used to eat there at least once a week when I lived on that side of town.

Contemporary art galleries in Osaka
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