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Coffee and Coding Conundrum NYC #2

Happy new year!

We kicked off Coffee and Coding Conundrum in NYC toward the end of last year. It’s our second city, following Osaka, Japan.

The 2nd NYC Conundrum is happening on Sunday, January 24th at the 5th Avenue Microsoft Store, diagonally across the 53rd street intersection from Uniqlo. We’ll start at 2:00pm and go to 4:00pm.

Bring a project and come ready to talk code with a number of different partners. You’ll meet nice people and see all kinds of new stuff. The Conundrum is platform- and language-agnostic: feel free to bring whatever you are working on.

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Separately, if you’re in Osaka, they have one coming up the following week on Sunday, January 31. Lockon Ltd is graciously providing the venue at their headquarters in Umeda.

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Coffee and Coding Conundrum NYC #2
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