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Coffee and Coding Conundrum on Sunday, September 28

Folks sitting around drinking coffee and getting hands-on with code. This was the idea behind the first Coffee and Coding Conundrum hosted at イタチshelter in July.

It was a super casual event where we showed off the code behind projects we are working on, asked questions, and offered advice to one another.

The first Conundrum was a closed event to test out how it might go. This time we are opening it up and hope to meet some new people in Kansai who want to talk code.

You can join this Coffee and Coding Conundrum on Meetup.com. We’ve never used Meetup for events at イタチshelter so this is a bit of a test for us. I’m not sure sure what kind of folks use Meetup in Osaka, but we would love to have you come if you want to talk code.

Details for Coffee and Coding Conundrum

Date: Sunday, September 28, 2014
Time: 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Place: イタチshelter
Entrance: Free
Bring: Computer, net connection

For directions, join on Meetup or contact me directly.

Hope to see you at the Conundrum!

Coffee and Coding Conundrum on Sunday, September 28
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