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Coffee and Coding Conundrum at イタチshelter

A couple of things I’ve noticed going to various events and get-togethers in Kansai:

  • Coders tend to find one another at some point and huddle in a corner with beers to talk about things that are incomprehensible to the rest of the party
  • Tech-related meetups here tend to be more social- and/or presentation- and/or business-focused, held in places that aren’t conducive to getting hands-on

There’s nothing wrong with either of these things; I enjoy both. But I thought it might be nice to actually sit around with computers and get technical with a few other people, showing off what we’re working on and maybe getting some help or advice along the way.

I mentioned this to Nick del Pozo recently and he encouraged me to put something on at イタチshelter. Done.

So we had a Coffee and Coding Conundrum yesterday at イタチshelter. It was a Sunday afternoon with laptops open, showing what we’ve been working on, asking questions, and sharing tips. It was platform- and language-agnostic, which worked out surprisingly well.

Thanks to those who came and participated:

I learned a lot in one day and had a blast doing it. I hope you enjoyed it too.

There are no plans to hold another Conundrum yet, but if you’re reading this and would be interested in coming to one, please let me know. I’d love to do another one at some point.

Coffee and Coding Conundrum at イタチshelter
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