ccq for auto-reloading Photoshop

I wrote a while back about a simple shell script called ccq that I made for quitting and relaunching Photoshop from the command line during extension development.

In that post, I noted that ccq was only part of the solution for making frequent reloads of Photoshop faster.

I was also interested in using ccq in a gulp watcher so I could achieve true auto-reload of Photoshop. Auto-reload would be convenient when editing CEP manifest.xml files or ExtendScript .jsx files, both of which require a relaunch of Photoshop for changes to be read into the app.

ccq and gulp

I have been playing around with using ccq in a gulp watcher
[1], in the context of both CEP and standard ExtendScript scripting. I'm quite pleased with the results; it considerably lightens up the clickyness required to iterate on building a Photoshop extension or script.

I added an example gulp task runner to the ccq repo to show how it might work. Here's an animation of it in action:

A sample file may not be the best way to share the idea, but since everyone's development setup is likely to be different, I thought I'd start with something simple.

That means there is no plug-and-play story here. Instead, you'll need to have a look at gulpfile.js in the repo for ideas about how you might do something similar within the context of your own setup.

For what it's worth, the gulp file is almost identical to what I'm using in my Photoshop Presets/Scripts directory.

As always, what I'm posting on this blog isn't official business. I'm simply sharing some ideas, thinking out loud.

I'm happy to answer questions or hear your thoughts. I'd bet developers in the community have a number of their own solutions for autoreloading Photoshop or other Creative Cloud apps.

  1. Learn about gulp at gulpjs.com. ↩︎

ccq for auto-reloading Photoshop
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