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Book: Making your life as an artist

If you’re an artist, or work with artists, or are just interested in gaining insight into how artists think about work, Making Your Life as an Artist by Andrew Simonet is a worthwhile read.

The PDF version looks great in iBooks on an iPad. That’s how I read it.

The book can be read on any device that can open a PDF, but to save it on an iOS device, all you have to do is go to the download page (linked above), click the download link on your iOS device, let the PDF open in Safari, then click “Open in iBooks…”. That will save the book to iBooks on your device and you can read it when you like. (This assumes you have the iBooks app on your device; if you don’t, you can get iBooks in the App Store.)

I generally prefer not to read books on an iPad, but this one was a worthy exception, sane and gimmick-free.

(Via SoHo Art Gallery’s Celio Barreto.)

Book: Making your life as an artist
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