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“That’s no moon…”

I went with a friend to a bar called Space Station in Osaka last night. This place is devoted to console games, old and new, with a TV for each console and a large library of games. Our game of choice was Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo, which we were moving through at a brisk pace, despite the beer.

It’s almost frightening how much muscle memory I still retain for that game. But it remains one of my favorites. I bought a Super Nintendo on eBay about 14 years ago just to play it. Even in 2014, it’s enjoyable.

The concept of the bar itself reminded me of another game-themed drinking establishment that I’ve been to in Dallas called Barcadia, which features old coin-op games. A little bourbon and Ms Pac Man is special kind of happiness.

The photo above is the best I could manage on the iPhone 4 camera; a prime example of why I’m ready to move on to something better.While the photo doesn’t do it justice, this is the staircase to the bar. Under each step is an LED banner light board; altogether they make a giant screen for an old game, in this case Frogger.

Pretty damn cool.

“That’s no moon…”
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