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A Mac Mini and my grill

Ever see a dog flailing his legs in his sleep and wonder what that dog is chasing in his dreams?

I’m a tooth grinder. I do it in my sleep. I’m told it’s noisy.

Maybe I’m dreaming of potato chips. Or popcorn. It’s probably popcorn. Covered in hard, salty-sweet caramel…

So I went to my dentist in Kobe today to pick up a mouth piece so I can at least grind on plastic instead of the tooth-on-tooth action I currently enjoy when I dream of caramel popcorn.

I’ve known Dr. Nakamura for a while now. We both volunteered at TEDxOsaka a few years ago and we have similar interests in technology. I knew him as a tech geek well before I realized that he is a dentist. Oops.

I finally visited his Nakamura Dental Clinic (中村歯科) in Kobe recently. It’s the first clinic of any kind that I’ve been to that’s networked by Mac Minis.

After getting my X-ray taken (the X-ray machine sounds like Space Invaders gone wild), I was brought to a dental chair above which floated a large monitor displaying Safari on Mac OS X. When one of the dental assistants started talking to me she pulled up my X-ray in giant detail in Preview. Pretty cool.

Dr. Nakamura told me he had expanded the storage capacity of the Minis by making his own Fusion Drives. I feel pretty good about having a dentist that can also build hard drives.

A Mac Mini and my grill
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